Overview of Progam



Welcome to Little Learners Center, this web site will provide you with information about our program, philosophy, mission, and different ways that we can work together to bring your child the best possible experience.  This program is operated under the supervision of the Owners/Directors, whom supervise staff including teachers and teaching assistants.  Little Learners Center program will provide quality child care throughout the year and encourages parent involvement in the classroom.  Working together with families is our goal and being a partnership between home and childcare center which will enhance the overall program.  We provide high quality care, focusing on the environment, the setting, communication between child and teacher and having qualified educators.  

Little Learners Center believes that all children deserve an opportunity to recognize and broaden their strengths in order to achieve their hopes and dreams for the future.  We are dedicated to deliver an atmosphere of respect, caring, education and nurturing to all children.  We intend to design programs that promote school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of children through the provision of educational, health, nutritional, psychological needs, and social development.  Little Learners Center intends to teach children the value of societal diversity and help them develop leadership skills to build bridges of understanding between individuals, groups, and our communities.  The overall goals of Little Learners Center are to: provide quality care and education to children, support-working families, and support the growing need for quality childcare in the community.

Mission Statement

Little Learners Centers goal is to provide enriching opportunities to meet the needs of children in the community.  Our mission is to provide children with a learning environment and a wide variety of experiences that help them develop socially, intellectually, physically, and emotionally in a manner appropriate to their age and stage of development.  We recognize the uniqueness of the individual child, family and the community in which we reside.  Little Learners Center is set up to teach in an open classroom style, allowing children choices throughout the day and structured activities throughout the day.  We provide a safe place for children to test boundaries and children can learn through their experiences to better understand themselves and one another. 

Little Learners Center is a family-centered program, a philosophy that is focused on a child-center environment.  Little Learners Center is a mixed curriculum, using a variety of ideas and intends to prepare children for future education.  Having open communication with families creates strong connections and this will be accomplished through parent activities, newsletters, written logs, parent gatherings, and other special events throughout the year.  Parents are encouraged to become active in the classroom.